Ian P. Larkin
CAL FIRE - San Mateo/Santa Cruz Unit Chief



Ian Larkin was named Unit Chief of the San Mateo Santa Cruz Unit, effective May 11, 2016.

Chief Larkin was born and raised in Watsonville, CA and now makes his home
in Scotts Valley, CA with his wife and two daughters.
He has served with the California Department of Forestry
and Fire Protection for 30 years.

Career Highlights

Chief Larkin began his fire service career in 1988, as a Paid Call Firefighter with
the Salsipudes Fire Protection District in Santa Cruz County and began his
professional career as a Firefighter I with CAL FIRE in the San Mateo -
Santa Cruz Unit (CZU) in July of 1990.  

In October 1991, he accepted a permanent Firefighter/Operator position with
the Aromas Tri-County Fire Protection District, however on July 1, 1993, Ian returned
to CAL FIRE in the San Benito Monterey Unit (BEU) as a Fire Apparatus Engineer (FAE)
through a cooperative fire protection agreement with the Aromas Fire Protection District.
 During that time he was assigned to the Aromas Station and the Peninsula Battalion
at the Pebble Beach and Carmel Hill Fire Stations. In November 1996, he promoted to a
permanent Fire Captain position in BEU, worked in the Monterey Emergency Command
Center beginning February of 2000, then returned to the Aromas Fire Station in
September of 2001.

In December of 2004 he returned home to Santa Cruz County as a Fire Captain
Specialist-Training Officer in the CZU Training Battalion, where he made significant
impacts to the Santa Cruz County Fire Department volunteer firefighter training program
and development of the Ben Lomond Training Center.

 In February 2007, he promoted to Battalion Chief-Operations, responsible for Battalion 3
of CZU's South Division, which covers stations from Saratoga Summit to Davenport.
 In January 2012, he promoted to Division Chief as the Unit Administrative Officer and
quickly promoted again to Depu
ty Chief of Operations in March of 2013, overseeing all of
Santa Cruz County Fire Department Operations, as well as CZU's Battalions 3 and 4,
Training, and the Emergency Command Center. He also served as the Interim
CZU Unit Chief following the transfer of Chief Scott Jalbert in April 2016.

In addition to Chief Larkin's previously mentioned accomplishments, he is a Registered
Fire Instructor with the Office of the State Fire Marshal in several fire service disciplines
and is qualified as Operation Section Chief Type I, Plans Section Chief Type I, and an
Incident Commander Type I Trainee. He has been a member of CAL FIRE Incident
Command/Incident Management teams since 2011, held the position of Resource Unit
Leader on Incident Command Team 1, Plans Section Chief Trainee on Incident
Management Team 6, and currently serves as the Deputy Plans Section Chief on
Incident Management Team 2.