Volunteer Handbook

Download the latest Volunteer Handbook here:

APPENDIX A – County Fire Organizational Chart

APPENDIX B – County Fire Station & Response Area Map

APPENDIX C – LAFCO Boundary Maps

APPENDIX D -LAFCO Santa Cruz County Fire Agencies Map

APPENDIX E – County Fire Volunteer Applications

APPENDIX F – Volunteer Benefit Programs

APPENDIX G – Adverse Action Procedures 1092.2

APPENDIX H – Santa Cruz County EEO/Non-Discrimination Policy

APPENDIX I – AB 220 Firefighter Bill or Rights (FFBOR)

APPENDIX J – County Fire Rules of Conduct

APPENDIX K – Safety Clothing Policy

APPENDIX L – Volunteer Injury/Illness Reporting

APPENDIX M – Vehicle Accident Reporting

APPENDIX N – County Fire Master Training Plan

APPENDIX O – OSHA Federal, State, and Local Mandates

APPENDIX P – Training Forms

APPENDIX Q – Santa Cruz County Reimbursement Form

APPENDIX R -Vehicle Operations

APPENDIX S -Vehicle Forms

APPENDIX T – Unusual Incident Report

APPENDIX U – Santa Cruz County Fire Finance Forms